My Dear Pirate by Maya Griffin

This week’s artist we’re featuring is writer, actress, and model, Maya Griffin. I came to know Maya the same way I’ve come to know so many lovely people this past year, through the making of Murder Creek. Maya plays Good Samaritan 2 in the film. More on that once the film has been released!

For now, please enjoy this lovely poem from Maya, called My Dear Pirate. Don’t forget to leave a comment for her when you’re finished!



My Dear Pirate

by Maya Griffin

My dear pirate I will wait
for thee,
I will gaze for your ship
across the sea.

Longingly I wait for you
on the sand,
And feel our love, where
I stand.

My dear pirate we were
meant to be,
We will find a way, for
you mean much to me.

And even if it weren’t
by design,
I would still recall your
eyes in mine.

My dear pirate I will wait
for thee,
I will dream for our love
that sets us free.

We express our love when
we can,
So we sail together, hand
in hand.



Currently enrolled in Genesee Community College for a general studies degree, Maya has done modeling and photo shoots for various colleges on the side, and has been in one short film. She enjoys theatre, various types of art forms, and being surrounded in nature.