I Cry by Joanne Grana

Photo by     Juan Pablo Arenas     from     Pexels

I Cry

by Joanne Grana

I cry when I am happy.
I cry when I'm sad.
I cry when someone makes me mad.
Tears born from frustration.
Tears born from fear.

I cry watching commercials.
Hallmarks are the best.
Christmas and Valentine's.
I am a mess.

I cry over words said to me.
Words that are hurtful and cruel.
I cry when I say hurtful words too.
Words should be a creative tool.

I cry over holiday traditions that are no more.
I must accept that the holidays will never be as they were before.

I cry over the aides who won't talk to me. 
I wish I could just let them be. 

Drama Queen. Yep. Guess that's me. I would rather be labeled differently.

I try to keep my tears at bay. But they break free. They pour from my eyes like a waterfall. 

Crying is cleansing, it's healing. That's no lie.

I hope I never get too old to cry.

Only strong people cry. That's what they say, people who've been through a lot.
People who need a break. People not afraid to show their emotions.

I'll have a good cry.
Wipe my eyes.
Blow my nose.

I am ready to begin again.
I am ready to face whatever curve my life throws.


Joanne is a St. Louis author, blogger and activist She has spent years championing disability rights. Her blog, Confessions of a Disabled Diva, tackles topics as diverse as Donald Trump, Cher, disability advocacy and more. Joanne is the author of the children’s book, “The Busy World of Bianca Bear.” She was the first severely disabled student to receive a master’s degree from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, and currently she maintains a blog that centers on issues facing the disabled community.

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