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I offer the following services to individuals and businesses.

Contact me using one of the buttons below to request a quote for one of these services.

  • Content Writing

    Social media and website content writing is designed to engage your target audience and help promote your specific product or event.

  • Crowdfunding Development

    Your dream needs a compelling story to become a reality. I will write that story for you. I offer several packages ranging from strictly content writing through targeted marketing of your campaign through social media promotion and advertising.

  • Editing & Proofreading

    An initial consultation will help us determine the type of editor you need for your manuscript: evaluation, line editing, or maybe you're in need of a proofreader.

  • Self-Publishing Consultation

    Is your indie baby ready for self-publication? I will walk you through the entire process or take care of it on my own after an in-depth consultation with you. An initial consultation with me will determine your self-publication needs.  

  • Social Media Development

    Don't have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account for your small business? Social media is a crucial step in gaining new clients and engaging current customers. I can develop those pages for you.

  • Website Setup

    I will setup a website for you or your small business using the Squarespace platform. Squarespace is a user-friendly web development platform, and I will teach you how to maintain your site once it is built.