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Knock: A short film


From the team that brought you Murder Creek

I’m super excited about this next project, a short film called Knock.

I wrote Knock around the same time I wrote Murder Creek. It’s a much simpler script than Murder Creek — it’s currently only eight pages and features only two characters and one location — but it wouldn’t be a project of mine if I didn’t immediately decide to make it more complicated than necessary.

Inspired by a scene from episode six of the Netflix show, The Haunting of Hill House, I’ve decided to shoot the whole film as one long take.

This means no cutaways and no resetting in between scenes because there is only one scene. With an eight page script, the scene/film will be about eight minutes long. That means for eight minutes, everybody - cast and crew - must be perfectly in sync or we start over from the beginning.

This is a lofty goal that will take a great deal of planning and even more rehearsal time, but I’m super excited about the prospect of pulling it off. It will make for a unique film experience not only for our cast and crew but also our audience.

We’re scheduled to shoot Knock in April 2020.

Director: Kristen Skeet

Producers: Sherry McCutcheon, Anita Harmon, Kristen Skeet

Director of Photography: Ty Cheman. (Tomorrow (9/19) is his birthday!)

Sound Production Design: Adam Bloch

Script Supervisor: Molly Farber

More cast and crew announcements coming soon!

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