Not Another Monster Movie by Ty Cheman


This week’s Artist Corner feature comes from Buffalo writer, director, actor, and filmmaker, Ty Cheman.

Ty has worked extensively in the Buffalo filmmaker industry and his latest feature film is due out this fall.

Written and directed by Cheman, Not Another Monster Movie is a horror comedy and stars Brad Spiotta, Johnny Macabre, and Mark Bogumil.

Logline: A one-timed famed Hollywood horror film director loses the funding from his production studio in the middle of filming and goes to drastic measures to complete his latest film.

Synopsis: After being abandoned by their studio, a film production crew is left on their own to complete the final chapter of their infamous horror saga. But mistaking an ancient cursed book as a prop, the alcoholic lead actor accidentally summons dark forces from it and unleashes them on the world. It is up to the cast and crew (and a pair of bumbling security guards) to figure out how to return the evil back to the book in order to save humanity.

Check out the trailer for the film below, as well as some production stills and behind the scenes shots, and let us know what you think in the comments!