Exposure by Terri Skurzewski


This week’s Artist Corner feature is a writing piece from author, Terri Skurzewski. It is a short story called Exposure.



The man was very tall, and a lot older than me.
He was…
I responded to his smile. It made me feel special.
(At home, everything I’d ever done fell short of Dad’s expectations. You see, he wanted a boy, but I came first.)
I was trying to sell $1.00 candy bars, a fundraiser for my softball team. It would take high sales to win the softball mitt I needed.
I was innocent, naive
He was neither of those things.
He knew what he wanted.
He was…
When he reached down between my legs and touched me, I panicked.
I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew it was a bad thing.
I ran.
He was…
I turned to see him across the street, standing behind the plate glass of the classroom window, his pants dropped, his hand stroking himself.
He was a predator.



Terri resides in a small rural community outside Buffalo, NY and is a member of several writers groups (SCBWI, BNCWI, and Writers Helping Writers). A retired secretary, she fills her days by writing in multiple genres, reading, gardening, and crafting. She authored My First Call (Pilcrow & Dagger, Sept. 2015), and co-authored No Stoppin’ This Boppin’ - Let The Good Times Roll.

Terri is a wife, mother, and grandmother whose favorite exercise program is Tai Chi. She also loves sponge candy (a Buffalo specialty) and Turtles (the confectionary not the animal).

Her newest hobby of movie background acting has been most interesting and enjoyable.

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